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BSM Vacation Marketing Sdn. Bhd.

BSM Privilege - The Journey Begins With Us - is a privileged membership which has been created specially by BSM Vacation, as an additional benefit which  members of Easturia Vacation Club (EVC) can enjoy for two years. Unlike any others, it functions as a hub for EVC members to enhance not only privileges offered on accomodations, such as hotels, resorts and apartments; but above all, as a link to choose on various types of tour packages as members prefer. 

Here, we emphasize on a wide variety of holiday choices, which means members will receive unparalleled choices of benefits as a holiday lifestyle platform, which ranges from hotel rooms privileges right up to travel and tours itinerary arrangements.

Since we are the authorized marketing agent for Easturia Vacation Club, we are all geared up to serve the members of EVC with our newly enhanced BSM Privilege benefit; and once you have begun the journey with us, it would be an unforgettable moment for you and your loved ones. 

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BSM Vacation Marketing Sdn. Bhd — the one and only exclusive Marketing Agent for Easturia Vacation Club - Dream & Discover

Dream of a vacation that is convenient to you anytime with various vacation destinations nationwide and worldwide.


Discover the full benefits of vacation ownership with Easturia Vacation Club—the joys of always having a vacation destination at your fingertips, the convenience of going on a vacation, and all the quality accomodation you have always wanted. 


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Infinite Loyalty Affiliations Program - Holidays Redefined - is created by One Nation Advisory Sdn. Bhd., a subsidiary company of BSM Vacation Marketing Sdn. Bhd.


Now, everyone will have a chance to go for their dream vacations. For more information, please email